About Us

Sheena McKay first opened the doors of Lily Knowles Florist in 2006, naming the business after her Grandmothers, 4 months later she was joined by myself, Adele Marshall now the current owner.

As I had worked in the shop for so long it seemed appropriate to keep the name when Sheena retired and I bought the business.

Lily Knowles Florist isĀ  based in the idyllic town of Kirkcudbright, a busy and culturally vibrant haven along the Dumfries and Galloway coast line.

I aim to arrange interesting, colourful and exotic flowers for the enjoyment of local residents, visitors, businesses and even pets!

With the help of my family behind the scenes I aim to deliver to the customer an arrangement which fits their needs. So whether the occasion is happy or sad, commemorative or spontaneous, we can fulfil your expectations. Please see a small selection of my work on the ‘What’s Available‘ page.